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La Mama


(de)construct is a physical exploration of the space between self-assurance and senselessness. How much can we understand and control how we construct our- selves and what happens when this understanding collapses? Shifting between honest disclosure and physical theatre, (de)construct seeks to find beauty and humour in the struggle to understand a fragmented self.

Drawing on personal experiences with mental illness, this is a piece interested in the stories we tell ourselves about who we are..

Directed by Cera Maree Brown

Devised and performed by Lucy Pitt, Jai Leeworthy, Nabs Adnan and Antonia Yip Siew Pin

Live music composed and performed by James Christensen with Josh Trappett

Design by Jai Leeworthy and Cera Maree Brown

Image by Wilson Liew

‘(de)construct is a gentle and thoughtful piece, exploring the nature of identity and the performance of everyday life.’ – Bella Mackey, The Dialog


Event starts
Wednesday 28 June, 2017
Event Ends
Sunday 2 July, 2017
La Mama Theatre
Venue Address
205 Faraday Street, Carlton VIC 3053

Victoria, Melbourne

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