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Electro Girl

Following the success of her autobiography, Electro Girl, Lainie Chait steps off the page and onto the stage in her first solo show. Featuring NORA, Lainie’s puppet brain, who lights up like an electrical fire storm and takes Lainie to task about her questionable life choices.

Electro Girl is the true story of Lainie’s journey living a symbiotic existence with epilepsy, and how her triggers – cheap alcohol, drugs, lack of sleep and dysfunctional relationships – bring on her seizures. It’s a funny and confronting tale, challenging how the medical fraternity manages epilepsy and shines an electrical spotlight on alternative treatment options.

Lainie is an author, stand-up comedian and public speaker. She created Electro Girl to expand the current beliefs around epilepsy and powerfully nudge audiences back into the driver’s seat in managing their own health.

Electro Girl opens at the Butterfly Club on 28th May for a strictly limited season.
Bookings recommended.


Event starts
Monday 28 May, 2018
Event Ends
Saturday 2 June, 2018
The Butterfly Club
Venue Address
5 Carson Place Melbourne

Victoria, Melbourne

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