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Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Giant And Angry

Gillian has always been tall. She's been called sasquatch, bigfoot, & a giant. Gillian has always been angry. She's been told she's aggressive, combative, and a bitter shrew. Gillian doesn't give sh*t anymore; she's giant and angry for a reason!

Written and performed by Canadian comedian Gillian English, Giant and Angry is coming to MICF - nominated for Best Comedy at Perth Fringe World 2018, this is a comedy for the times.

Gillian was motivated to write Giant and Angry as a result of the monumental movement happening right now in women’s rights. As the creeps and predators around us are falling like sex pest dominoes, the women of the world are waking up to their power; they are many, they are giant and they are angry. Really, really angry.

Using her no-nonsense relationship with her father, and mentor and idol relationship with her mother as the cornerstone of her storytelling, she explores how women have always been giant and angry, but for some reason, people are only noticing now.

Gillian English is an award winning Canadian actor, storyteller, comedian and writer living in Australia. Originally from Nova Scotia, Gill has made a name for herself in the Australian comedy scene, performing in every state and at Fringe World, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Melbourne and Adelaide Fringes since 2016.

She has performed and won awards around the globe: New York City (2X Audience Choice and Best of Fest winner at Frigid Fest), Montreal (Best Design Winner, and Best Script Nominee at the Montreal Fringe), Adelaide (Highly Commended Best Comedy Award at the Adelaide Fringe), Perth (Nominated Best Comedy 2018) Halifax, and Toronto.

“While the audience is picked up in a whirlwind of hilarious anecdotes, English builds on a theme that is particularly compelling. Her superb storytelling style, intelligent and sharp-witted commentary, and deft ability to assume a new character mid-story keep us all immersed.” 4 stars, Gutter Culture

“This performance is a triple threat; in the physical sense the audience is provided a comprehensive shopping list of injuries to inflict on a potential predator; for pure entertainment, the belly laughs brought from the dark, Fargo-esque humour shared by English and her family; and crucially, English’s ability to curate her details to provide the right balance of imagery and emotion in each story.” 4 stars, FringeFeed

“With wit and charm that makes Gillian my favourite female comedian of Fringe so far, this show is a must- see for anyone who supports feminism and strong, independent and powerful women!” 4 stars, Perth Happenings

Dates: 28 Mar to 21 Apr (No Mondays)

Times: 7.15pm (6.15pm Sundays)

Venue: The Fad Gallery, 14 Corrs Lane, Melbourne



Event starts
Wednesday 28 March, 2018
Event Ends
Saturday 21 April, 2018
The Fad Gallery
Venue Address
14 Corrs Ln, Melbourne

Victoria, Melbourne

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