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LOOP Project Space & Bar

Tropical Archives

Saturday August 19 @ 9:00 pm

Think TROPICAL… fruit in your mouth, warmth on your skin, music and latin tunes floating like scents on the air; Drums, and lots of dancing… LOTS OF SWEATY DANCING

Think ARCHIVES… a drawer you haven’t open for a while and finding dusty old treasures. We will undust. We will revive.

On this night this latin hearted team will be bringing some flavor to you. You will hear the sultry tunes of Salsa from its roots… Cuban, Puertoriquean and of course New York, all the way to the roaring bass of Electro cumbia. All this will be happening while Latin themed projections light up the room intertwining your ears, eyes and mind into one sole feeling…

Now… Do you wanna dance?

Tropical Archives.

Randy Castilla

Originally from Peru, grew up on a diet of his parents favorite music consisting of Salsa Dura, Merengue and Boogaloo. In 2009 Randy moved to Australia and, to this day, continues collecting (rare) Salsa, Son, Mambo, Guaracha, Cumbia and Guaguanco vinyl albums.
Picking up records in faraway places during his travels through Europe and South America, his collection has grown to an extensive musical library. Although he specializes in Salsa, he has played all kinds of beats and rhythms for different crowds at Latin events including Merengue, Latinrock, Merenhouse and Psychedelic Cumbia.

DJ Tahnioca

Tahnioca’s sets are inspired by her wild adventures to all corners of Latin America.

Expect to hear the traditional sounds of the Andes and the Amazon Jungle mashed up with heavy bass lines and ghetto flavour.

A die hard Cumbia connoisseur who appreciated the diversity of all things tropical she also dabbles in Salsa, Afro, Dancehall and much more.

Part of the Cumbia Massive collective she has played at events such as the Section 8 Beach Party and Johnston St Latin Festival.

VJ Gabriela Gonzalez

Gabriela is an artist, photographer and videographer. Co-developed the A/V collective “Cooking the Continent”, an 8-month journey through South America, resulting in a 13-episode series programmed in TV stations around the world. Co-founder of Timber Music Box, an independent music A/V production company

Freshly starting in the world of live projections, this is Gabriela’s most expressive output, telling visual stories with images that she has collected through her personal and not-so-personal journeys.


Event starts
Saturday 19 August, 2017
Event Ends
Saturday 19 August, 2017
Loop Project Space & Bar
Venue Address
23 Meyers Place

Victoria, Melbourne

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