Black Market (Expired)

Production team:

Director - Lachlan Driscoll
Assistant Director - Andrew Wiman
Sound Design - Kelsey Pigram
Video Design - Rachel Hall

Key dates:

Audition applications close Friday 24th January
Call backs: Saturday 1st February
Rehearsal period: February 22 - May 14
Performances: mid May (during the Anywhere Festival Brisbane 2020)

Extended synopsis:

Elizabeth is a scientist for the Herman International Medical Research Institute. She has just discovered the cure of all cures, the antidote to any disease. So why does she feel like she’s done something terribly wrong?

She hears voices behind her when nobody’s there. At night, there are shadows that look different than before. Her neighbours stare at her funny, peering through their windows as she walks along the street. The creaking on her front porch seems too loud to be caused by the wind. Was that knocking on her door? As paranoia grabs ahold of her, an influential investor approaches the institute to take her revolutionary medical discovery to a new level, but how much can this investor be trusted? Elizabeth finds herself caught up in the opportunity of a lifetime, while the unexplainable feeling of dread keeps gnawing away inside her….

Black Market is a psychological thriller with a touch of the supernatural. It explores the unseen forces that drive one to their downfall in a world where money is no object and dying is history.

Available principal roles

*PLEASE NOTE*  Character ages are rough guide lines. Broader ages will be considered. Also note: if you audition for Elizabeth Dawson or Katherine Dawson, you will be considered for both roles as the age/look of the characters are similar.

“Elizabeth Dawson” - 25 - 30 years old

Actor requirements:

  • Emotionally burdening role
  • Ability to perform large sections of text (monologues throughout script)

“Katherine Dawson” - 25 - 30 years old

“Stephan Henderson” - 30 - 50 years old

Head of the research institute where Elizabeth works. He is extremely clever and believes he is better than everyone else. He has a strong desire to discover medical breakthroughs and won’t accept any mistakes by his staff.

How to audition

By video ‘self tape’ audition. Please take a 5 - 6 minute video of yourself.

What to include in your video:

  • Brief introduction to yourself, your name, age, height, quick fact about yourself
  • Your availability during the rehearsal/performance period
  • A short 2 - 3 minute dramatic monologue of your choosing
  • Cold reading of the script excerpt in the folder ‘‘Black Market’ Audition Pack’
  • Please cold read for the part you wish to audition for. Have a friend or family member act as your scene partner and read for the other character. Please have your scene partner sit outside of the camera shot so only you are visible
  • Please read as ‘in character’ as possible, given the character information
  • No fancy blocking or movement is required. Please film yourself simply seated or standing

*Note* One continuous video is all that is needed. Editing your footage is not required.

Send your video:

  • Upload your audition video to YouTube by Friday 24th January 2020 with your name and role you are auditioning for in the title
  • In the video settings, make your video ‘Unlisted’. This is to make your video private so nobody can see it
  • Once uploaded, copy and paste the link to your video into an email and send to with your full name and role you are auditioning for in the subject line
  • Please include your CV and current headshot in your email as well

*Note* Make sure to send us the YouTube link otherwise we will not be able to view your video!

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Friday 24 January, 2020
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