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STOP KISS by Diana Son

Plot Summary

Set in 1998 New York City, Callie and Sara meet and are caught unaware when their new friendship develops into an unexpected romance for both of them. But when their first kiss provokes a violent attack their lives are transformed in ways they could never anticipate. The play flashes before and after their kiss, from nervous flirtations to intense confrontations.

Character Breakdown + Requirements

Note: Ages listed are for the characters, as this is a youth production they do not correlate to the required age of the actor.

CALLIE F 20s-30s Energetic, messy, friendly, makes jokes that can be misinterpreted, enjoys life but mostly because she ignores anything that’s bothering her. Easy going and non-confrontative. Role requires quick transitions between comedic timing and dramatic ability. Standard American accent. Willing to be pant less and topless with bra on (not at the same time) Willing to kiss both girl and boy onstage.

SARA F 20-30s

Recently moved to NYC. Polite, reserved due to her upbringing but has passion within and wants to become more assertive. Cares deeply about helping people and has a strong sense of what’s right and wrong. Standard American accent. Willing to kiss girl onstage.

GEORGE M 20s-30s

Callie’s friend from college (often with benefits). The Everyman. In a limbo stage of life where he hasn’t quite left college behind but has accepted he’s an adult with a full time job. Standard American accent. Willing to kiss girl onstage.


No nonsense New York detective. Doesn’t play good or bad cop, just wants straight answers. Very strong New York/Brooklyn accent.

 MRS WINSLEY F 40s-50s

Free to interpret character as anything. Snooty, care free, quirky, - just has to be a bold and memorable character who is firm in her ways. Strong New York accent. This actor will also play the NURSE F 30s-40s

 PETER M 20-30s

Sara’s ex-boyfriend, from a small town. Tired, angry and very worried about someone he loves but holding it all in. Standard American accent.

Contact info: Teghan Webster - 0466 690 964


Friday 11 January, 2019
Saturday 12 January, 2019
The Shed
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cnr Overport & Somerset Roads, Frankston

Melbourne, Frankston

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