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2020 Cohort 1 Application Form

Hi! This is the application form for the Poplabs Incubator in 2020.

We are looking for people with brilliant, impactful ideas - we want to hear about what you have to say so don't focus too much on format, grammar or structure - tell us the story in the best way you know how to. Convince us in your way.

If English is not your first language or you are worried in any way about your ability to respond in perfect English - please don't worry. We want to hear your story and learn about your project and its impact. We believe that creative impactful storytelling goes beyond being able to speak a single language. We want to leverage your skills and ability - not fluency in one language. Please do note however that right now, we deliver our curriculum in English.

Key Criteria

This program is designed to benefit early stage or new entrepreneurs in the creative industry and is open to residents of Australia who are 18yrs+.

In this application we would like to know:

  • What is your sustainable creative business idea?

  • What is the social impact you wish to create?

  • How does your concept or idea link to factual storytelling?

  • How is this aligned with your social impact goals?

We’re interested in hearing from people who want to:

  • Work at the intersection of storytelling, social impact and entrepreneurship.

  • Build inclusive and sustainable businesses.

  • Reinvent the creative ecosystem with us.

How To Apply

We have a series of questions below that we would like you to answer. You can answer via written words (in the form below), or via video or audio submission. Please let us know if you need to submit in a language other than English or in a different format for accessibility purposes.

All applicants must complete the Contact Information section of the form, you will then be able to select how you would prefer to answer your questions. All video and audio submissions can be uploaded via our Dropbox.

Click here to access our Dropbox
Click here to access questions in PDF format


We will approach each format of application equally and will not preference any one style over the other. Please pick the format that best showcases you and what you do and ensure that the key questions are answered.

All written responses must be limited to 250 words per question and video and audio responses must be limited to two minutes per question.

Key Dates*

24th August - 18th September:
Applications Open Until 11.59pm AEST, Friday 18th September

23rd September:
Shortlisted Applicants Notified

24th September:
Face-To-Face Interviews Over Zoom

25th September:
Final Selection & Announcement

5th October - 18th October:

19th October - 29th November:

30th November - 13th December:

14th December - 18th December:

*Some dates may be subject to change

Application Support

In the lead up to the September 18 application deadline, we will host a series of online sessions on how to build your application.
Sign up to receive updates to be notified when these sessions will be taking place.

For support contact margaret@poplabs.com.au

Please note
Once you start an application, it cannot be saved or resumed at a later time.
We recommend completing your answers to the long form questions in a different document where you are able to save your progress, and copy-and-pasting your answers when you're done. If you are applying as a team, only one person is required to submit an application.


Tuesday 1 September, 2020
Friday 18 September, 2020

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