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Auditions: Is This Seat Taken (Expired)

Audition Dates: Saturday 17th August 3pm-4pm

Character descriptions and requirements:

1. Laura – early 30’s
2. Andy – 40’s
3. Will – early 30’s
4. Carrie – 40’s  


“Acting is attracting” is a statement that Laura and Will believe is their only shot at rekindling the dead flame of what used to be their marriage.

After fourteen years of trying to make it work, Will suggests role playing which Laura agrees to only because she loves him. After all, without the element of love at the centre of the effort they have both made to stay together, Will and Laura would have nothing.

Coincidentally, or maybe not by coincidence at all, in their eventful (and somewhat disastrous) night of role playing they encounter an unmarried couple doing the same thing. Through their meeting with Andy and Carrie, Laura and Will are faced with the reality that there may very well be one right way to role play (or be married?) and their way might not be it. The odds become favourable for the married couple when the unmarried couple’s experienced role playing backfires randomly, teaching Will and Laura the most valuable lesson of all: you cannot build on anything which was built on nothing to begin with.  

Suburb & state: Logan Village, QLD

Contact info: Jo Connolly


Saturday 17 August, 2019
Saturday 17 August, 2019
Logan Village
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Queensland, , Logan

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