Short and sweet gala final 2021

Audition (Expired)

"Antisocial media" is an incredibly funny black comedy all about one young woman (Sarah), who is living an online life. As Facebook and Twitter become personified in her room, the consqeuences are dire!

'Antisocial media' won the judges choice award for week 5 of the short and sweet theatre competition In 2020. It was about to take part in the gala final last year, until COVID shut everything down. Short and sweet is back up and running, and Antisocial media is part of the one time showcase competition for last years finalists. 

Our original actress is no longer available for the show dates, so we are casting for the following:

SARAH (25-35) : Social media addict. 

Show dates: May 15 & 16 (Judgets choice and gala final)

Please contact :

Peter Gizariotis (Director) 


Please include headshot and cv.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Monday 5 April, 2021
Monday 19 April, 2021
Tom Mann Theatre
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Tom Mann Theatre

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