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Actors, Singer, Dancer wanted for GALAPAGOS - Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Who said lizards don’t kiss! On the island of Galapagos, Charles Darwin discovers his theory of evolution and a tribe of singing, dancing, talking lizards  - of course!

Directed by Tracy Harvey, choreography by Charlotte Tooke, produced by Julz Hay, with original tunes by Harvey. GALAPAGOS is a celebration of life, brimming with wit, charm and hope. 

Rehearsals on Sunday arvos and 3 evenings a week, from late January through to Melbourne International Comedy Festival in March 2019. Payment will be Profit Share of door takings from 8 performances during the Comedy Festival. Dates and venue TBA. 

Participants must dance, sing, act and ideally have music theatre experience. Pick a character or two and email Tracy with your mobile number, photo & bio:

DARWIN - esteemed naturalist & humorist + NOBLE LIZARD  (castrated by Father). 25+ male 

SHEP - young emerging lizard leader, cops it from Father coz he has a stumpy tail. 18+ male

BILLIE - going for what she wants, despite opposition from Father & Jude. 18+ female

BROWN - gay lizard, rejected by Father, Shep’s bestie. 18+ male

FATHER - tryannical lizard leader.  40+ male

JUDE - dangerous lizard, jealous of Shep, wants to please Father.  18+ male

ROSA - devoted mother lizard to Shep, partner to Father, uses wit to cope. 30+ female

FITZROY - devout Christian & Darwin sceptic + NOBLE LIZARD (castrated by Father) + CUZ a very adaptable sea living lizard. 20+ male or female

LEXI - whip smart, cheeky, little lizard sister to Billie. 18+ female

BETH - loyal lizard sister to Rosa, not in Father’s harem yet + GIANT TORTOISE. 18+ female

This is your chance to be a Rep in the MICF!


Tuesday 30 October, 2018
Thursday 28 February, 2019
Venue Address

Victoria, Melbourne