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Animal Farm

Author: George Orwell

Director: Kia Moon

Enquiries: 0401047736

Characters Summary: Most roles involve actors becoming the animals that make up the farm - pigs, horses, donkey, dogs, chickens, etc. 
This is not pantomime etc and characterising the animals will involve actions, voice and movement not masks, ears and heavy make-up! 

Characters: Major roles include the pigs based on leaders of the Russian revolution: Napoleon - based on Stalin, Squealer - Lenin and Snowball Trotsky. 
Boxer is a mighty strong cart horse and Molly a vain mare. 
Many other animals come and go. 
There are several narrators in this play. 

This is a large ensemble piece and apart from Squealer, Napoleon and Boxer, all actors will assume various multiple roles of other animals and a few human characters. 

Precast Characters: None

Audition Venue: Warrandyte Mechanic's Institute Hall 
Yarra St 

Theatre: Same

Company Emailaderice@tpg.com.au

Company Website: http://warrandytehallarts.asn.au/theatre

Synopsis: After having withstood more of Farmer Jones' drunken cruelty than they can take, the animals led by Old Major a wise, prize boar take over the farm. 
Following a short period of revolutionary zeal from all the animals. the pigs, being the brightest take over the running and the power goes to their heads. With snouts in the trough, corruption sets in, the ideals of the revolution become twisted and the dream fades. 

Other Information: This is a youth theatre production. 
The auditions will take place within two workshops where actors will work with the script and the director over the weekend 19/20 January 2019. If you cannot attend the entire workshops then please contact the director for advice. 
Additional audition dates TBA. 

We are seeking actors between the ages of 14-24 but if you are just outside this range and super keen, please contact the director for discussion. 


Saturday 19 January, 2019
Monday 28 January, 2019
Warrandyte Mechanic's Institute Hall
Venue Address
Yarra St, Warrandyte


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