Bachelor of Arts (Audio Production)


About the Course

The Bachelor of Arts (Audio Production) focuses on teaching students the fundamentals of audio engineering and then developing their skills in a variety of fields, including live sound, recording, producing and post-production. You will be taught and mentored by experienced industry experts who are currently working as live sound technicians, producers, and post-production specialists. You will work with analogue and digital equipment in our cutting-edge facilities. You will master a variety of software and learn in small-sized classes so that you finish the degree with a wealth of hands-on experience.

Audio Engineering students also work closely with students from other courses to gain a well-rounded understanding of processes involved in the music industry.

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Career Outcomes

If you dream of a career as an Audio Producer, Studio Engineer, Studio Manager, Mastering Engineer, Live Sound Technician, Radio Producer, or if you want to work as a Stage Technician or as a Post-Pro

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