Bachelor of Arts (Music Production)


About the Course

The Bachelor of Arts (Music Production) combines performance, technology, composition, audio and industry skills to deliver a multifaceted music education. Whether you are just starting out or you are an experienced producer, songwriter, DJ, performer or engineer, this course provides you with comprehensive practical skills and knowledge to make a career in the industry.

Music Production students also work closely with students from other courses to gain a well-rounded understanding of processes involved in the music industry. You will be trained and mentored by industry experts who are currently working as music producers, audio professionals, recording artists and music creators, as well as learning from artist managers, studio engineers, and live sound technicians.

You will master a variety of software applications and be mentored in small-sized classes, undertaking fundamental units in audio recording, digital audio workstations, music performance, digital and electronic instruments, music technology and music business management.

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Career Outcomes

Enter a career as a Music Producer, Sound Engineer, Electronic Music Producer, Composer, DJ, Performer, Songwriter, Interactive & Mixed Media Specialist or Sound Designer.

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