Theatre and Film Essentials for Teens

Footscray Community Arts Centre

About the Course

In a year where many secondary students have missed important class and performance time with peers, we want to offer a special community. One where you can receive professional and constructive feedback on everything about production: acting, filming, costume and even set design!?? 

These classes are for every teenager who wants to explore their stage and screen skills with an experienced and passionate tutor amongst?a small class of peers.?Our tutor Hayley will take you through exercises ranging from?deeply?meaningful to plain silly. You’ll explore?character work, use of camera and improvisation,?animation and costume design,?all exploring the theme “This is me!” A celebration of the imagination and self.? 

Other points:? 

  • Its been a tough year and we want to empower kids with creativity-?the?can be whoever they want to be? 
  • High school students already use a plethora of devices and platforms which they can use to boost their creativity? 
  • The class will cover some theory and focus on studying some famous complex characters. Students will get a chance to write their own characters, monologues and ideas for short films for presentation at the end of the term.?
  • Maximising FUN?and building confidence.??

Classes will run Tuesdays, 13 October – 8 December (no session 3 November), 5.15pm-6.15?pm.

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