10-Week Songwriting Course: Online

I Heart Songwriting Club

About the Course

I Heart Songwriting Club is a global online community which aims to inspire, support, motivate and challenge songwriters as they develop their skills in a safe and inclusive environment. We support, celebrate and reward our members and foster a sense of belonging in what can be a truly life-changing community.

As a member of I Heart Songwriting Club, you will be provided a group to work with and be given a songwriting task each week that should be completed within 1 hour. You will need to set aside 1 hour anytime in your week, write a song in that time, record it simply on your phone and upload it to our site. You will need to listen to your group members' songs and provide feedback each week. We teach you how to give effective feedback. The minimum time commitment to complete the course is 1.5 hours per week.

Requirements before joining:

  • All songwriters can join (15 years +)
  • We are completely online so you are not limited by your location
  • You will need to commit for 10 weeks at a time
  • You will be allocated a group of between 6-12 people. You can join with your friends.
  • You will need to write a song each week in one hour, record it (on your phone) and upload it to our site.
  • You will need to put aside 30 mins each week to listen and provide feedback to your group members' songs
  • This club is designed to fit into your already full life but to keep you writing every single week. You can write and give feedback in times that suit you in your week
  • To join I Heart Songwriting Club, you need to create an account and an active subscription. A credit or debit card is required to set up a subscription. Your card will be charged by our system automatically before you are assigned a group. You always have control over your subscription.

We have in-person meet ups via PARK JAM sessions currently held in Brisbane, QLD or house concerts around Australia where we offer members a chance to premiere new work to the public. The below short documentary shares our back story and how we engage with members and the public.


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