Who's that Chik?: Old Fitzroy

Candy B's latest offering - 'Who's that Chick?' - was in your face in the best of ways.
Who's that Chik?: Old Fitzroy
Who's that Chik?: Old Fitzroy Politics onstage and accessible - that would be the mantra of Sydney MC Candy B; if she were ever to take her politics out of the theatre and into the party room. Half of the infamous Sister She duo; a regular hip-hop theatre act at worldwide festivals such as Edinburgh and Melbourne Comedy, Candy B's latest offering - Who's that Chick? - was in your face in the best of ways. Her show had singing, dancing and dirty-wordy skits, with a ‘Beyonce-licious’ booty-focus celebrating her cultural heritage of "Blaisian" (part black, part Asian). Not only a show posturing preachy pseudo-politico memos; she focused her stories of childhood confusion at being the only 'brown girl' in all her classes on an enduring closing message about the inherently racist nature of Australian casting in the performing arts industry. It was this discussion - of the continuing racism she enduring after finishing high school in a small suburb - that was the most affecting part of the night. NIDA welcomed her as their 'one brown girl', only to cast her as the maid in their final end of year production, she did not receive an agent because there was 'no work' for 'brown girls', and as she raps Juliet's sighed monologue to Romeo - 'come, Romeo!' over hip-hop beats the audience saw quite explicitly how mainstream Australian theatre could quite easily rework some of their casting choices to adequately represent the 'normal Australian street'. Home and Away, here she comes - ?! Pushing pedantry, her voice may not be the strongest, and her ballet point isn't exactly what you'd call convention (with perfect turnout nowhere near) but it's her humour and gutsiness to bust-out with ballsy determination that made this show a riot. Let's just hope she doesn't start one any time soon - she's not one you'd mess with! Who's that Chik?: Old Fitzroy Season: May 8 - 30

Anna Solar-Bassett

Wednesday 27 May, 2009

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