Avenue Q: The Comedy Theatre

If you’ve ever wanted to slap Big Bird, were convinced Bert was gay, or have ever just been pissed off with life, Avenue Q - playing at the Comedy Theatre - is for you.
Avenue Q: The Comedy Theatre
Avenue Q: The Comedy Theatre Everyone’s a little bit racist, right? Or at least finds the odd fat joke funny. And everyone likes to bag out a bitchy manager. Sound immature? Politically incorrect? It is. And its freaking hilarious - it’s Avenue Q. Actually, this show is genius. If you’ve ever wanted to slap Big Bird, were convinced Bert was gay, or have ever just been pissed off with life, this is the show for you. Unemployment, marriage, racism, gays, hippies and Gary Coleman all get a prod in this upbeat musical - all performed by puppets, who are more like Muppets having muck-up day on Sesame Street. The characters are crude and rude, yet loveable. The story follows Princeton, a bright-eyed young man fresh out of college, ready to receive what life has to offer him. Unfortunately, it appears that all it can offer him is an apartment in the dodgiest end of town - on Avenue Q. His neighbours consist, among others, of sex crazed monsters, closet gays and a squabbling couple, who all agree (in song) that ‘It sucks to be me’. Jobless, loveless and luckless, he resolves to find out what his ‘purpose’ is- although he is hilariously derailed with every attempt. And of course, there’s a love interest thrown in - the apparently innocent Kate Monster - but who gets to prove that she does have balls. It’s great because it allows a rom-com style throwback to Sleepless in Seattle, with the obligatory Empire State building scene. Finally there’s the aptly named, rival female character Lucy T. Slut. The audience is also treated to some very tongue in cheek ‘education’ on how to get through life, and songs to match, with naughty numbers such as ‘The internet is for porn’, ‘Be as loud as the hell you want when you’re makin’ love’, ‘The more you ruv (sic) someone the more you want to kill them’, and ‘Schadenfreude’ (the German word meaning ‘to take pleasure in other people’s pain’). Impressive vocal performances from the actors behind it, backed by a full live band, top it all off deliciously. This show is a special treat- it’s not often that you see brightly coloured puppets having hot sex, or cute teddy bears persuading their friends to play drinking games. You’ll get a stitch laughing- before you realise that you’re actually laughing at yourself, and almost everyone else you know. Avenue Q is showing at the Melbourne Comedy Theatre until August, and then tours nationally in all major cities. Avenue Q: The Comedy Theatre Fri 05 Jun '09 to Sun 02 Aug '09 Address: 240 Exhibition St - Melbourne VIC 3000

Bernadette Burke

Friday 5 June, 2009

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