MUSIC REVIEW: Me and the Grownups

Me and the Grownups. Has ever a band been more aptly named?
MUSIC REVIEW: Me and the Grownups
Me and the Grownups. Has ever a band been more aptly named? Despite being their youth, this trio’s music demonstrates a maturity and depth, whilst the band members themselves remain naive and endearing. After a long wait and a late start the band emerges before their audience – many of whom are real grown-ups, drawn to the adult, string-led sounds, sipping red wine and basking in the candlelight. Their sound is a little like the stark and simple Dresden Dolls, perhaps if that band were fronted by George’s Katie Noonan, and it gently swells to fill the most intimate of venues, suiting The Toff in Town in Melbourne’s CBD nicely. Jonathan Dreyfus on the viola and violin subtly commands the set, appearing like a classical conductor or ringmaster figure. Ushering on the proceedings if they started to lose momentum and clearly demonstrating a care and affection towards their performance. Along with band mate Anita Lester, Dreyfus punctuated the night’s proceedings with the obligatory anecdotes between each song. Lester displays significant vocal control – her rich, strong voice is instantly gripping" and retains its drawing room charm even when through a PA system in a busy club. Late in the set she leads the band in a few accapella numbers - pulling the capacity crowd just that little bit closer to the stage. Guitarist Adrian Sergovich sits very much in the background, a little more introvert than his counterparts, but his presence is felt thanks to his precise and intricate playing. It’s very clear when watching these performers that they each work hard to bring their own individual elements together, and it’s their confidence in doing so which really makes you pay attention. ME AND THE GROWNUPS

Kelly Gentle

Wednesday 4 March, 2009

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Kelly Gentle is a Melbourne-based illustrator/graphic designer and Arts Hub Customer Service Coordinator. She is attracted to all that is weird and wonderful in the world and is partial to wrestling bears.