Halfway There: Jute Theatre

With its premier at the Jute Theatre in Cairns, Halfway There will also be performing in Darwin, Alice Springs and Townsville in August and September.
Halfway There: Jute Theatre
Halfway There: Jute Theatre When the play opens on Wes (Ralph Cotterill) and Harriet (Gail Evans) playing cards and squabbling in a filthy run down old pub, I thought perhaps it was going to be a lighthearted look at some toughened Aussie cockys, stuck out in the middle of remote Northern Territory. But whilst these two authentic characters continued to captivate and entertain (in a way that you’re almost certain when you traveled out there years ago you actually met Wes in a pub that you stopped at), the play is darker and more poignant than lighthearted. A laconic, dry wit threads throughout, but we begin to see that this depressing landscape is a link to a tragic secret past, and a unique human bond, holding them custody. Then, development arrives in the NT – mining and construction means access to working men, a clientele for an upgraded pub…and a brothel. Enter Sabrina (Laura Pike), in stark contrast to the scene, with her pink high heel slippers, and her ideas for a spa and a Noodle bar. Unwittingly Sabrina’s interference could be the catalyst to free the couple, forcing them to confront their existence. Setting the scene of the run-down outback pub is a seamless part of the production, with eerie dingo calls, maddening insect din, and chunks of red dirt on the ground. It’s worth a note that the rawness and honesty of the piece does mean that there is sexual content and swearing. The play is rated MA and if your Nan or your mum won’t watch TV after 8:30pm it’s probably best not to bring them along, as they may consider it a little scandalous. With its premier at the Jute Theatre in Cairns, Halfway There will also be performing in Darwin, Alice Springs and Townsville in August and September. Very much Australian and very much an original play, make sure you go and see Halfway There. Halfway There: Jute Theatre By: Mary Anne Butler Directed by: Iain Sinclair A Knock-Em-Down Theatre, JUTE Theatre & Darwin Theatre Company co-production 96 Abbott Street, Cairns, Queensland 4870 www.jute.com.au CAIRNS 07-15 Aug DARWIN 19-23 Aug ALICE SPRINGS 27-28 Aug TOWNSVILLE 02-06 Sept Additional PLAYWRIGHT Mary Anne Butler DESIGNER Dominie Hooper Dramaturg Peter Matheson LIGHTING DESIGNER Matt Cox SOUND DESIGN Steve Toulmin FEATURING Ralph Cotterill, Gail Evans and Laura Pike

Kirsten Le Roux

Monday 10 August, 2009

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