Scent Tales

Nerida Dickinson

Little y Theatre Company have taken inspiration from a Nasruddin Hodja story to create a whimsical delight for the senses.
Scent Tales
Little y Theatre Company cleverly combine scent and memory in this sweetly charming tale, taking advantage of the close links between smell and emotional memory to create a whimsical theatrical delight.

How much is a memory worth? What is the value of a smell, or the intrinsic value of sentiment? These are some of the philosophical musings that underlie the tale of the disappearance of love bread from the world, and its return to the world when Bea finds a song in her heart. Along the way we learn about the relationship between two sisters: what brings them together, and what kept them apart.

The show is exactly the length of time it takes to make love bread, the progress of the story given a further sensory counterpoint by the smell of the loaf baking.

Scent Tales features winsome performances from Georgia King, Mischa Ipp and Rhoda Lopez. The three engaged in some great ensemble set pieces of classic theatre, as well as more modern interaction with the audience, and plenty of deft puppetry, with puppets being created on the go from other bakery related props on the set. The actors did not get to display a dramatic range in this piece, with each character being strictly defined by her intrinsic outlook on life. However within each role, each performer was consistent and entertaining throughout. The production’s atmosphere remained upbeat from beginning to end without becoming cheesy or trite.

The narrator shone to become a character in her own right by treating the audience to her performance poetry works, spontaneous sculpture creations, and snippets of off-beat philosophy.

The actors themselves provided the musical accompaniment to some of the events in the play, a recurrent, catchy, crooning melody which complemented the script and the performance style, which didn’t take itself too seriously but left behind smiles and a lightness of heart.

Thoughtful lighting allowed full use to be made of the limited yet well-ordered stage, creating distinct zones of action within the versatile set. The same settings became courtroom, busy street, bakery, playroom, and classroom, amongst others, in turn, without any lag between scenes.

A total delight, freshly delivered at a pace that never stales, with a side order of baking puns sprinkled liberally throughout, Scent Tales is a short but sweet treat for the senses and sentiments.

Rating: Four stars

Scent Tales
Little y Theatre Company
Directed by Joanne Foley
Featuring Georgia King, Mischa Ipp and Rhoda Lopez
Original concept by Alexis Davis, Georgia King and Mischa Ipp
Design by Monique Wajon
Lighting design by Joe Lui
Music by Sian Brown

Blue Room Theatre, Northbridge June 29 – July 15

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About the author

Nerida Dickinson is a writer with an interest in the arts. Previously based in Melbourne and Manchester, she is observing the growth of Perth's arts sector with interest.