Tell Them That It Rained Too Hard

Amelia de Rauch

GASWORKS: Two very different views on love and life create a composite and sometimes voyeuristic picture of contemporary society.
Tell Them That It Rained Too Hard
Tell Them That It Rained Too Hard, directed by Celeste Cody, is a voyeuristic look at two very different views on love and life; a smooth and sometimes erotic exploration of sex and romance.

Helen (Kaitlyn Clare) has strong liberal views on sexuality, which she finds are not easily adopted by the people around her. Elizabeth (Vivienne Garnett) has chosen to settle down and marry, though not without confusion and fear. Collectively, their experiences and actions create a composite view of today’s society, riven by the contentious issues of sexual liberation or monogamy.

The undoubted highlight of this work was the great performances by the cast of 14 performers; the largest cast I have seen in a small theatre in some time. They all worked together beautifully, with each actor well attuned to one another’s performances.

Unfortunately, the strong performances weren’t enough to sustain the audience’s energy in this long production. The night I attended, the play started at 8pm and did not finish until just before 11pm, leaving many of the audience looking a little shattered by the end. Extended set changes definitely added to the running time; tightening them up would significantly reduce the play’s duration.

The set was basic, with each scene defined by the furniture being rearranged. It wasn’t necessary. Each scene change is well defined by the characters and lighting changes, so changing the set around for each scene (and there are a lot of scenes) just added to the overall length of the performance.

The music was involving and emotional, working well with the text; perhaps not surprising, given that both were created by Tom Pitts. Together, script and score added emotional strength to the work, accentuating the strong performances. Dramatically, the play’s events felt voyeuristic at times, which may have been exactly what the director was aiming for.

A meaningful though sometimes confronting production, Tell Them That It Rained Too Hard is recommend for a stellar cast directed by Celeste Cody, who gives much detail and definition to the performances.

Rating: Three and a half stars

Tell Them That It Rained Too Hard
Presented by AtticErratic
Text & Music by Tom Pitts
Directed by Celeste Cody

Gasworks Arts Park, Albert Park
September 1 – 10

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