Mission: H2O - Children on a Mission with Original Musical

Mission: H2O is set in Space School 11 where the students have just discovered that all the bubblers are broken! However in their mission to fix them, they uncover a sinister plot by a group of evil cute kittens that could mean doom for Earth and all its water! Will they get there in time? How will they get there? Is it ok to trust a space tube star? 

For the past 6 months, a group of children aged 6-13 have been busy creating an original musical. Working with creative facilitators Tim and Nathalie Bevitt, choreographer Caroline Wall and artist Tom Buckland, the children have written and produced the hour-long musical and are now ready to take it to the stage. 

The musical’s plot, developed in response to a prompt from the Arts Centre team, encouraged participants to think about water management and environmental sustainability. It debuts at Tuggeranong Arts Centre on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th November and will tour to Goulburn in January 2020, following a theatre collaboration with kids from The Lieder Theatre earlier this year. 

TAC CEO Rauny Worm says this is a great chance for our participants to engage with other young people living in regional areas at the forefront of environmental challenges. 

“This project provides an artistic platform for young people to express their concerns and find solutions. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for them to work with other young performers and adapt to different theatre environments,” Worm said. 

Tuggeranong Arts Centre is delighted to be able to provide young people with the opportunity to utilize theatre as a tool to engage with their concerns about our environment and their hopes for the future. 

“The children have embraced the subject of water shortage in Australia and the message from them is clear, with song lyrics such as: You know the grass is far, far greener where there’s water/So let’s fix our mistakes, no matter what it takes. And as we have seen from the recent Schools Climate Strikes, our children are increasingly aware of the environmental challenges we are facing, Worm said.

Event starts
Friday 29 November, 2019
Event ends
Saturday 30 November, 2019
Tuggeranong Arts Centre
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137 Reed St N, Greenway

Canberra ,

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