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Silent Treatment

NIDANights and LIMINAL present SILENT TREATMENT: A night of poetry in a multisensorial space.

Silence is golden, but gold can be so loud. Here’s some silence for you: a caesura, a rest drawn on a crumpled sheet of music, the emptied spaces between words, the click of spacebar, the plastic push of the mute button on a remote control.

The impulse to create perhaps begins in a tunnel of silence; in our world, now drowning in noise, silence becomes resistance, persistence. It is only fitting that in the world’s quietest room, you can still hear your very own heartbeat.

LIMINAL and NIDA present ‘Silent Treatment’, an exploration of silence.

Featuring Angie Pai, flower boy 卓颖贤Tracey ChenJamie Marina LauDarlene Silva SoberanoPanda WongKezia YapHannah Wu, Rachel Lee, James Lew and Leah Jing McIntosh.

3 Dec (Tue), 6.30pm – 7.30pm
NIDA Melbourne
Suite 4, 152 Sturt St., Southbank
Wheelchair accessible venue.

Tickets: $15 via NIDA
This event is affiliated with the Companion Card initiative. 


Silent Treatment is presented as part of Mapping Melbourne 2019.

Event starts
Tuesday 3 December, 2019
Event ends
Tuesday 3 December, 2019
NIDA Melbourne
Venue Address
Suite 4, 152 Sturt St., Southbank

Melbourne , Southbank

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