La Mama


1951. Stalin is in power. A woman lives in a world more frightening than any story.  

1950s Eastern Europe. Stalin is in power. The doorbell rings. The typewriters of the Secret Services tap-tap-tap away as they record the lives of people. A woman lives alone. She writes stories. Ogres, princesses, myths. Reality is more frightening than any story. Where can you go when you know they are watching? A room of secrets and archives. The files mount up over time, the dust gathers. What is true and what is a lie?  

Written and performed by Bagryana Popov 

Directed by John Bolton 

Designed by Lara Week 

Lighting Design by Bronwyn Pringle  

Stage Manager Julian Adams 

Photography/Image credit: Tess Hutson 

Tue & Wed 6.30 | Thurs, Fri & 
Sat 7.30 | Sun 4 pm

Running time/
50 minutes

Event starts
Tuesday 17 December, 2019
Event ends
Sunday 22 December, 2019
La Mama Courthouse
Venue Address
349 Drummond street

Melbourne ,

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