‘Visible reality is no more than an illusion’

Ever wondered what it would be like to spend the evening in the home of a conspiracy theorist? Bennie Wragg and Lauren Huggard did exactly that! Esoteric is a new and original verbatim theatre piece that explores the thoughts and beliefs of conspiracy theorists.

Previously titled ‘Q’, Esoteric explores our lives in relation to the current mainstream media narrative through the eyes of conspiracy theorists and is presented as an interrogation of Jayden (Bennie Wragg) by the ‘deep state’. Jayden is caught and arrested for fighting for the truth, not a watered-down version of the truth that we are taught to believe, but the cold hard truth. Jayden is fighting for a world run by angelic light, love -unconditional love and non-judgement, how will you perceive him? Conspiracy theorist? Free thinker? Truth researcher? or just insane?

‘Curious and intelligent work from an exciting young creative team who are asking questions about the world in which we find ourselves. Funny too!’ – Dr Rea Dennis, Deakin University

Bennie Wragg and Lauren Huggard have devised, created and perform in Esoteric. Here’s a little more about each of the artists:

Bennie Wragg is a Melbourne based actor, director, and playwright. Bennie loves a good horror film, telling bad jokes and dressing up his Cat Misty. Bennie’s most recent artistic endeavours include writing and directing ‘Trailer Trash’ for the Escapees theatre Company and writing and directing and acting in many short skits for his YouTube channel Crazy Moo Productions. In addition to his directing and onstage talents, Bennie has many years of production experience under his belt. Bennie has worked with various schools such as Hallam Senior College and Glen Eagles Secondary Collage, and community theatre groups to create daring artistic performances.

Lauren Huggard is a Melbourne based Actor and theatre maker. Lauren enjoys Pizza, Rom-Coms and dressing up in silly costumes. Lauren has acted in several short films and live theatre productions. Lauren’s most recent roles include Deakin University’s ‘Perfection’, an extra in Neighbours and supporting role in ‘Losing It’ a Deakin University Honours film. Lauren enjoys acting for both film and live theatre and has a keen interest in telling the story of everyday individuals through verbatim theatre. It was through performing ‘Perfection’ that Lauren had the desire to explore verbatim theatre further, this led her to team up with Bennie froming Sneakyville Theatre Company in 2018.

Together as a company Sneakyville strive to create thought provoking, original theatre performances that give a voice to the voiceless. In presenting Esoteric they hope their audience will find a new understanding of conspiracy theorists other than the typical ‘tin foil hat’ stereotype.

‘Having done verbatim theatre in the past I was intrigued by the outrageous things people say. I thought why not do this with conspiracy theories? That’s what most excited me about creating this piece.’- Lauren Huggard

‘I made this piece because I wanted to question the social structures and beliefs of our society’ – Bennie Wragg

Event starts
Thursday 19 September, 2019
Event Ends
Friday 20 September, 2019
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25 William Street, Balaclava 3183

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