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Night at the Museum

Spend a Night at the Museum with multidisciplinary performance, storytelling and meditation by Israel Aloni, Elise Hearst, Mikhaela Bourke and Zoe Kanat.

This special late night opening brings to life 1001 Lights, our exhibition exploring Shabbat, showing until 14 July 2019.

Audiences will rotate between Israel, Elise and Mikhaela, and Zoe throughout the evening, with refreshments served at its close.

Israel Aloni

In this new work, Israel Aloni uses their body to express and expand on ideas – and rethink Shabbat. Through dance and voice plus imagery and text, Aloni responds to Mouvement Perpétuel’s 1001 Lights video installation and challenges the origin of the age-old candle lighting ritual as well as gender roles inherent to it.

Elise Hearst and Mikhaela Bourke

Shabbat marks the end of the week and beginning of something else. In this short play by Hearst and directed by Jessica Murphy, two women – a Pole and a Jew – find themselves together and waiting for Shabbat to begin.

Zoe Kanat

Based on the mindful attitude of letting go and the power of breath, Kanat’s meditation will focus on the rhythm of breath and letting things be just as they are, here and now. Let go of the past week and bring in the Sabbath – a new cycle and rhythm.

Image of Israel Aloni courtesy of Jubal Battisti.

Event starts
Saturday 15 June, 2019
Event Ends
Saturday 15 June, 2019
Jewish Museum of Australia
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26 Alma Rd

Melbourne, St Kilda

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