La Mama


An epic adventure of danger, villainy and excitement, told through multiple characters, mask, puppetry, song and plenty of hilarious audience interaction!

An engaging, innovative reimagining of Carlo Collodi’s cautionary tale about the little wooden puppet who wants to become a real boy. Don’t miss this magical and unique adaptation that draws on the traditions of the travelling storytellers of a bygone era and – of course – Commedia dell’Arte.

Rosa Campagnaro’s credentials as a physical theatre practitioner and expert in Commedia dell’ Arte are impressive and the Australian theatre scene is reaping the benefits of her fantastic artistry.

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Tue 21st 1pm | Wed, Thu1pm & 6.30pm| Fri 11am | Sat 7.30pm| Sun 4pm

Part of the 2019 VCE Drama Playlist.

Produced by Make A Scene Theatre Arts Education

Created by Christian Bagin, Rosa Campagnaro and Jasper Foley

Directed by Christian Bagin

Assistant Directed by Rosa Campagnaro

Performed by Jasper Foley

Design by Eloise Kent

Music Composition by Felix Watson

Masks and Puppet Creation by Newmi Newman

Costume Assistance by Helene Frøisland

Images by Lisa Businovski

Image Design by Phil Speers

Event starts
Wednesday 15 May, 2019
Event Ends
Sunday 26 May, 2019
La Mama Theatre
Venue Address
349 Drummond St, Carlton


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