Starting Over (again…)

STARTING OVER (again…): Laugh, cry and resolve with us – to ousting the old and ringing in the new! 

An exploration of the confusion, the AHA moments and general madness of dealing with our fellow humans, STARTING OVER (again…) is about trying to rebuild the things we may have loved and lost in life – or create something completely new… 

Orange Theatre Australia (AU) is expanding their STARTING OVER series of comedy theatre shows and producing a season of STARTING OVER (again…) presented by The Butterfly Club, starting next Monday (7th of October). In a collection of hilarious short plays, we find ways to laugh at the trials and tribulations of when things don't go to plan – even when the experience hurts us a little. 

While some situations presented are fictional (or some completely impossible), you can expect to see real human emotions through the plays’ quirky characters. Are you an Esther – the bridezilla who is heartbroken after learning of disturbing news right before her wedding; Or a stud-muffin Norville – who is about to get an early and unwanted Christmas gift? Or maybe you are a talented young man, 2.0 (yes, that’s a character’s name) who just wants to be loved (a deep desire potentially stemmed from long-time daddy issues…) 

STARTING OVER (again…) is the sophomore show produced by Gillian Lesley Scott and Olivia Na. Having met at an acting class in 2016; Gillian and Olivia desired for more opportunities to perform on stage and consequently joined the founding group of Orange Theatre AU last year. Their original debut production of STARTING OVER in 2018 received rave reviews for their original stories, quirky humour and strong performances from a diverse cast of up and coming artists. We also welcome Jonathan Simpson and Mitchell Sholer to the writing team of our collective group.

Event starts
Monday 7 October, 2019
Event ends
Saturday 12 October, 2019
The Butterfly Club
Venue Address
5 Carson Place

Melbourne ,

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