The Sound of Shadows: Sugar Coated

Juxtaposing the joy and destruction that food can bring, this immersive concert celebrates endangered Indonesian instruments whose primary function is centered around food production.

Instruments of the working class – Bundengan (duck herder’s rain shield and zither) from Java, Rantok (polyrhythmic rice pounding), and Gule Gending (fairy floss street vendor’s steal-pans) from Lombok, will be complemented and contrasted by internationally acclaimed Sindhen (Javanese court vocalist) Peni Candra Rini.

Artistic Director Bianca Gannon, performing post-minimalist piano and gamelan, propels this exchange into a contemporary art music context. This major work is further magnified by the digitally enhanced idiosyncratic shadow puppetry of Bungkus Art Collective. The result is a bilateral dialogue around timely issues.

Will the bittersweet impact of the food industry on societies, health and the environment be sugar coated? This farm-to-table narrative will indeed impart some food for thought…

50% of proceeds will be donated to Lombok earthquake relief charities.

Presented in conjunction with Mapping Melbourne.

Friday 14 December 2018 7.30pm 

Primrose Potter Salon, 31 Sturt Street, Melbourne, Victoria

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Event starts
Friday 14 December, 2018
Event Ends
Friday 14 December, 2018
Melbourne Recital Centre
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31 Sturt St

Melbourne, Southbank

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