Araluen Arts Centre

Oyster Boy

Presented by Artback NT and Araluen Arts Centre

Oyster Boy lives inside an oyster. He is a big fishy weirdo just waiting to be shucked. But is the world ready for his nutrient rich, gender fluid, sand intolerant presence?

Created by proven comic geniuses Kyle Walmsley and Elizabeth Millington, Oyster Boy is a hilarious black comedy for anyone who’s ever tried to fit in – but failed. After a Darwin Festival 2020 world premiere - this show is guaranteed to shock, delight, disturb and entertain.

Internationally trained clown, Kyle Walmsley, performs this physical and absurd clammy comedy that will have you finding your inner bivalve mollusc.

In a time when we’ve all been inside for too long, sometimes you just have to go shuck yourself.

Event starts
Saturday 27 February, 2021
Event ends
Saturday 27 February, 2021
Araluen Arts Centre
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61 Larapinta Dr

Northern Territory , Araluen

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