All I Ever Am

Imagine if you could capture a snapshot of every bit of data being generated in a single moment in time. Every TikTok video, stock market move, Reddit post, pizza order, Tinder swipe, Covid case. Every bit of information being stored as a 0 and a 1.

kdmindustries return with their latest and greatest sonic and visual deconstruction ‘All I Ever Am’ at The Rechabite on Friday May 7 at 7pm for one show only. 

Featuring cutting-edge technology, stunning visuals and an immersive soundtrack – this is electronic visual theatre that rips apart the internet in real time with web scrapes, video and modular sound.

Event starts
Friday 7 May, 2021
Event ends
Friday 7 May, 2021
The Rechabite
Venue Address
224 William St, Northbridge WA 6003

Perth ,

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