Kafka's Ape

From South Africa comes the Australian premiere of multiple award-winning Kafka’s Ape; a solo performance about a primate’s struggle to overcome the confines of captivity, presented by Yililiza and The Blue Room Theatre for the Summer Nights program. Peter, the Ape, embarks on a journey ignited by finding a way out of a cage he was confined to after his capture. Based on Franz Kafka's short story A Report to an Academy the play takes a metaphorical view on society and highlights the complexities of identity and survival in post-apartheid South Africa and in the human race in general.

“Someone has stuck their fist in our gut and is turning and turning it” - The Critter, 2019

Event starts
Friday 17 January, 2020
Event ends
Saturday 25 January, 2020
The Studio at The Blue Room Theatre
Venue Address
53 James St, Perth WA 6000

Perth ,

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