fa.mi.li.a - Group Art Exhibition of Brazilian Diasporas

A group of six Brazilian visual artists based in Sydney have gathered to share their experiences and collaborate with each other. This exhibition, entitled 'Familia' is the collaboration resulting from their individual journeys coming together in a group.

The exhibition showcases creations by Cassia Bundock, Fabio Manzini, Flavia Julius, LIa Marxx, Marisa Pasicznik Ross and Murilo Manzini.

"Familia" invites the spectator to visit their homeland and to deconstruct stereotypes and paradigms.

As they've settled in their new land, the artists gravitate towards their roots, renegotiating personal and artistic identity and connection as they live their lives and practice their art in an intercultural dialectic space.

New and previous lives, locations and families come together; new cultural references and fresh feelings have merged with ingrained memories and emotions.

Where the original family is created by a union of marriage or blood, the familia is made and re-made by new transnational engagements as their journeys and lives continue in Australia. 'Familia' blends the Brazilian bossa with the spirit of the Australian bush. It fuses and renegotiates rhythm and happiness, colours and dots, the beach and the city. 🇧🇷 


Originaly from Brazil, proudly made in Australia.

Event starts
Friday 8 February, 2019
Event Ends
Sunday 3 March, 2019
Be Brave Art Space
Venue Address
5-7 Careel Head Road

Sydney, Avalon Beach

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