Sarah Easterman

Born of Light Bulb it Seemed

Born of a Lightbulb it Seemed is a small-scale hybrid theatre piece presented as part of The Flying Nun’s Season 6 of Contemporary Performance. Exploring the intimacy of imagination and the expansiveness of loneliness and hope it revels in taking the audience inside delicate moments of domesticity.

Solo performer Sarah Easterman explores the secretive power of body accessorisation. The power of the witch to animate objects. Not to mobilise them but rather to give them spirit/soul, which is blasphemous, contrary to the patriarchal model of life from Divinity.

A woman lives alone, restless for expression. Staving off loneliness in a world clinging to the idea of Noah's ark where we must all travel to our deaths two-by-two, she begins to anthropomorphise objects in her house, until she finds the one. Is it a dissociative breakdown, or is it love? 

Sarah Easterman is interested in socially engaged, site-specific and participatory possibilities in performance. Her work is inter-disciplinary and has been shown in visual art, theatrical and site-specific contexts. Working across comedy, drag, installation, sculpture, performance, and moving images, she is interested in mapping the terrestrial aesthetics of motherhood, domestic architecture, loneliness, love and the politics of care giving hierarchies. She uses humour as a means of bringing the viewer into the present moment with the intention of reminding them that they exist only for a short time.

Sarah’s  individual practice straddles the space between theatre and the gallery. Her work courts the humorous and sensual, liminal space allowing for reflection and comment on queer experience and more broadly the human condition. In her work movement is used to uncover the processes of knowledge acquisition, how we move through space and time when commanded or led by certain intrusions and instruction, both internal and external. Through her work she endeavors to untangle the myth of woman as nourisher,  and is interested in what the female destroyer looks like.

The Flying Nun is a showcase of the outcomes from Performing Arts residencies with Brand X at the East Sydney Community and Arts Centre. By its very nature, we celebrate the fringe, alternative and contemporary counter-culture, contributing multi-disciplinary creative risk-taking to the East Sydney Creative Precinct. Come and be the first audience to witness new work fresh out of the rehearsal room and by doing so, support Independent Artists with income and feedback to propel the work on to stages across Sydney.

Event starts
Friday 7 May, 2021
Event ends
Saturday 8 May, 2021
The Flying Nun @Brand X
Venue Address
The Flying Nun by Brand X, 34-40 Burton St, Darlinghurst , 2010

Sydney ,

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