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Future-Proof | The Woman Who Crossed The Road

Iranian artist Najmeh Shoara tells the story of the woman in her kitchen, who has been travelling for the last seven years and has still not arrived, and perhaps never will. The performance is based on true stories of the many women who have been forced to leave places and are now here in Australia, where they are starting over again.

This is an uplifting, one-woman play about the female experience brimming with determination to survive, live and flourish. She has enough anger to make her knuckles go white, and frustration for tears to fall from her eyes. It is a story of hope and setbacks, of wit and secrets, of gin and bikinis, and of trauma being overcome.

Najmeh Shoara is an actor, performer and director. Her experience in theatre and performance uses contemporary movement and dance as her repertoire. Her practice spans multi-media, mixed art, text-based, physical theatre and contemporary dance. Informed by her experiences of dislocation and displacement, disrupting certainty is a theme recurrent in her practice and her emotional responses fuel her sense of being in the world.

This performance is part of our Future-Proof program presented by Blacktown Arts and Settlement Services International (SSI).

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Event starts
Friday 7 May, 2021
Event ends
Saturday 8 May, 2021
The Leo Kelly Blacktown Arts Centre
Venue Address
78 Flushcombe Rd

Sydney , Blacktown

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