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FLAWED____like a b_y

Brought to you by No Offence Theatre’s Bj McNeill Flawed ____like a b_y is a queer, sexy and experimental show about one person’s story of being gay and growing up in a homophobic part of Australia. Complete with a banging soundtrack, the show deals heavily with homophobia, sexual assault, parental relationships and identity and is a work that is aligned with the current queer movement pushing for greater visibility and equality for the LGBTQ+ community. Flawed is set to challenge the pathological homophobia in Australian society.

The work incorporates dance is cabaret in form and was devised from autobiographical text looking at oppression, relationships, the beach, love, sex and violence through a queer Australians lens. The work tackles the politics of what it means to be a ‘boy’ and the societal pressure to conform and subscribe to pre existing (and personally conflicting) ways of existence. No one teaches queer children how to exist they are expected to slot into the hetero-normative narrative. Flawed looks at how damaging that can be. 

Flawed ____like a b_y takes an abstract and poetic look at how the pressure of an over masculine and narrow minded society effects those who are queer and – by expulsion – end up trying and find themselves in the other… Other places, countries, hearts and beds. 

Written by Bj McNeill

Devised by Claudia Subiela Ferre, Bj McNeill, Sven Ironside Gabriella Schmidt

Choreography by Claudia Subiela Ferre

Sound by Seb Attebury

Image by Oscar Linqvist

Twitter: #FLAWEDLIKEABOY @beejmcneill @NOffenceTheatre

Event starts
Wednesday 23 January, 2019
Event Ends
Sunday 27 January, 2019
La Mama Courthouse
Venue Address
349, Drummond St

Victoria, Carlton

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