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In The Solitude of Cotton Fields

Late at night in a dark alley, two men meet. One has something to sell and believes that the other has something he wishes to buy. The other protests, no …! But of course, deep down he must desire something, and whatever it is the seller has it for him. For any other writer this would be just the prelude to a rapidly unfolding plot. But Koltes traps his two characters, like Beckett’s tramps, in their never-ending prelude. Waiting for a deal (Godot) to arrive, hoping that eventually it will: these are the central dynamics of our consumerist culture; and Koltes builds the suspense of the encounter with a unique mix of humour, mystery, philosophy and terror. Until the chilling, unexpected conclusion.

The Absence of Knowing: Four Men & Dog Play, is what the theatre can be… And those engaged in the craft should see and remember this. Productions such as this that may be all we have left to sustain communities in that desire to express the inexpressible. Please, do get along and see it.

– 2017, Tony Reck, Theatre Blog

Writer: Bernard Maria Koltes

Translator: Lenora Champagne

Director: Richard Murphet

Cast: Tom Dent, Rob Meldrum

Sound Designer: Adam Casey

Lighting Designer: John Collopy

Stage Manager: Jackie Mates

Event starts
Wednesday 17 April, 2019
Event Ends
Sunday 28 April, 2019
La Mama Courthouse
Venue Address
349, Drummond St

Victoria, Carlton

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