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Playreading: The Measure of a Moment

Set in 1890s Melbourne, “The Measure of a Moment” tells a story from the 1990s with rich characters and original music. The story follows the friendship of two teenagers in a time of Depression and rebirth. Connor, a young banker who wants to be a bohemian, befriends Nic, a grocer and banjo player. As their friendship develops and they come to terms with a changing world, Nic and Connor are challenged by the Bagman, a pusher of gambling and opium. With an ensemble of 8 actors, the play explores notions of masculinity, the creative process, social obligation, the lure of self-destruction, suicide and grief. The staged reading will include music.

Writer: Charles Mercovich
Director: Robert Johnson
Composer: Caleb Osborne
Actors: Jessica Gadsen, Carissa McAllen, Abigail Louise Pettigrew, Jordan Chodziesner, Jesse Bouma, Holly Monks, Caleb Osborne, Steve Rodan

Sat 2pm

Running time
80 minutes

Event starts
Saturday 12 October, 2019
Event ends
Saturday 12 October, 2019
La Mama Courthouse
Venue Address
349 Drummond street

Melbourne ,

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