The Last Boy on Earth

The Last Boy on Earth sprang to life in 2018 in a tiny converted Op Shop in Yackandandah, wowing everyone with the talent of its young cast and local playwright/director Brendan Hogan.  HotHouse Theatre  is proud to partner with Yackandandah Young players to bring a new and even more exciting iteration of this unique show to the big Hume Bank Butter Factory Theatre. 

The Last Boy on Earth is performed by a cast of seasoned young actors from Yackandandah: Connor Wall, Alexandra Mason, Aya McInerney & Henry Rotherham. They are joined on stage by musician and composer Ben Gallagher.

Written and directed by Yackandandah playwright Brendan Hogan, The Last Boy on Earth is a funny and gutsy play about sustainability, humanity, and the future of our planet. It fittingly speaks to the concerns of the Yackandandah community, and its championing of environmental sustainability and change for the better.

Sprout is ‘The Last Boy on Earth’, with nothing more for company than an old TV, a few celebrity magazines, and a basketball called Spalding. In 2043, Sprout is living on what is left of the dump that is now Planet Earth. When he activates an old mobile phone, its virtual assistant alerts Planet Google to his existence. Officials from Planet Google, arrive to find out how Sprout is still alive. They attempt to capture him and take him away from Earth, but Sprout has other ideas.

The Last Boy on Earth is a sophisticated and thoroughly entertaining show for the whole family. It’s suitable for humans and aliens aged 8 earth years and above.

Event starts
Sunday 7 July, 2019
Event Ends
Saturday 13 July, 2019
The Hume Bank Butter Factory Theatre
Venue Address
Gateway Island, Lincoln Causeway

Victoria, , Wodonga

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