Zilla & Brook

The Power for Change Project

Presented as part of the Sustainable Living Festival, Melbourne Playback Theatre Company in collaboration with Climate For Change are hosting an evening of conversation and performance - sharing stories, knowledge, and empowering action.

Part workshop, part improvisational performance, The Power For Change will recap the climate science, offer a pathway for change and use the power of playback theatre to deepen the conversation. Audience reflections and stories about our individual and collective response to climate change will power the creation of theatre, and inspire ongoing action after the event.

The night will provoke the mind, nourish the heart, and ultimately, motivate meaningful action.

Event starts
Tuesday 18 February, 2020
Event ends
Tuesday 18 February, 2020
Common Rooms
Venue Address
Trades Hall, 54 Victoria St Carlton 3053

Victoria , Carlton

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