La Mama


Broken stories of forgotten people by Daniel Keene.

Trapped by circumstance and poverty, exploited and disposable, a group of forced labourers risk everything to break the bonds that imprison them. Each has a different story to tell, but all their stories are broken. Trapped in a cycle of unrelenting labour, cut off from their past and uncertain of their future, eight individuals must discover their collective strength. Perhaps together they can create a new beginning.

“Catch on fire and people will come for miles to see you burn.” – John Wesley.

Writer: Daniel Keene
Director: Beng Oh
Designer: Emily Collett
Lighting designer: Shane Grant
Sound designer: Ben Keene
Stage manager: Teri Steer
Cast: Lucy Ansell, Molly Broadstock, Milijana Čančar, Dennis Coard, Carmelina Di Guglielmo, Kim Ho, Joseph Lai and Troy Larkin
Photograph by Daniel Keene

Wed 6.30 |Thu, Fri
Sat 7.30 | Sun 4 pm

Running time/
90 minutes

Event starts
Wednesday 14 August, 2019
Event Ends
Sunday 25 August, 2019
La Mama Courthouse
Venue Address
349 Drummond street

Melbourne, ,

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