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Super Show | #WhereCreativityMeetsAtHome Live

It’s time to fasten your cape, lace up your dancing shoes and grab a hula hoop, because Fresh Creative Entertainment is bringing interactive digital entertainment for the whole family with The Super Show.

This fast-paced dance and circus experience is perfect for the little ones up to eight years, and not only will it be ridiculously fun, but promotes the benefits of exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

By the end of the stream, Super Benji and Super Shan will have the whole room running like the Flash, as agile as Cat Woman and feeling as strong as the Hulk!

Taking part has never been easier. Simply tune in at or register for the Facebook Live event. While you're there, why not gather your friends and family to watch together while apart with a watch party through your Facebook Live.

Event starts
Saturday 8 August, 2020
Event ends
Saturday 8 August, 2020
Geelong Arts Centre
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Victoria , Geelong

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