Yirra Yaakin Aboriginal Corporation

FIFO – Fit In or F**k Off! (Broome)

Presented by Goolarri Media Enterprises with Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company. 

The boom went bust, and now Jono’s locked in a desert mine site’s donga, trapped in debt and a lifestyle that is slowly strangling his soul.

Jono’s wife Mary feels stuck in the high-flying life of the lonely FIFO parent and has decided they’d be better off cutting their losses and moving home to Broome, close to family and her younger sister Janey.

But the old neighbourhood, and her sister, aren’t what they used to be.

Event starts
Thursday 29 October, 2020
Event ends
Saturday 31 October, 2020
Gimme Club
Venue Address
3 Blackman St, Broome, WA 6725

Western Australia , Broome

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